My name is Luke Koltun, and I have a diverse educational and professional background. I hold a degree in Information Studies (BS), along with a Minor in Computer Science (BS), and I have also earned a certificate in Web Development. Currently, I proudly serve as the CEO and developer at Webhost.sh LLC, my own company. Prior to my current role, I gained valuable experience working as a web developer for the CPaRC team at UWM while pursuing my studies. Additionally, I held a position as a shift manager at Caribou Coffee, where I honed my skills and also contributed as a web developer (intern) for NonprofIT. During this time, I collaborated with a local nonprofit organization in Milwaukee, working on multiple web projects. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to work as a student technician in the Information Studies Technology Office, where I further expanded my knowledge and expertise in the field.

I am highly motivated to continuously acquire new skills in various aspects of web development, including security, networking, and programming, which happens to be my favorite. In my spare time, I am engaged in managing my own business and undertaking professional freelance projects. I firmly believe that actively participating in diverse career opportunities contributes significantly to personal growth and development. My goal is to secure a position that revolves around web design and security. By working in this field, I aspire to apply my skills and knowledge while contributing to the advancement of web technology and ensuring the protection of online assets.

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